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6th Element Vaporizer


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  • 1 Piece Metal Box Vaporizer
  • 1 Glass Vaporizer Whip
  • 2 Packs Screens (10 pieces)
  • Free Magnetic Alloy Grinder
  • 240 Volt Aussie Plugs
  • Precision Temperature Dial
  • Glass Essential Oil Burner
  • Ceramic Heating Element
  • Local Aussie Distribution
  • Express Post Shipping
  • Full cover 6 Month Warranty







170 x 160 x 70mm



By Walter Warren

There is set of scientific principles that underpins the functioning of any Herbal Vaporizer, and it is the concept of vaporization. So now what exactly is this process you may ask. What is vaporization and how does it work, and how does it apply to a Vaporizer? These are all excellent questions. To begin with, all the known elements existing on the planet have their own unique set of conditions to enable them to vaporize; a combination of correct temperature and the energy applied. When these conditions are present, the element will vaporize. Let us take water as a case in point. For this, the required temperature is commonly referred to as its boiling point, and happens to be 100 degrees Centigrade. Such temperatures, not only for water but for any compound at all are referred to as the latent temperature of vaporization. The principal of your Vaporizer is to target this specific temperature for the herbal mixture in question. Even though the herbal mix in the case of some mix is obviously a solid compound, the water or moisture content is the key to the process. The alkaloids of the plant are held within this moisture, so when the heat is added to this mix the compound constituents are agitated and will break free from this captive state in the form of vapour. This magic transformation produces a vapour rich in the active alkaloids of the plant material; the vapour is a vehicle through which these constitutes are delivered to the user. Eventually there will be nothing remaining except a dried out residue deserted of all the active ingredients.

This clearly shows what is meant by vaporization, and also indicates you must experiment with not only the various temperature setting on a Herbal Vaporizer, but also the length of time that heat is applied to the mix in order to achieve an optimum result. To get the best performance, you need not only the best design of Vaporizer but you have to master the concepts above and apply all of them correctly. This involves a unique application of science to achieve the optimum outcome.

Each Herbal Vaporizer design has its own way of providing heat, and in turn applying that heat to the herbal mix in question. Some employ a direct contact heat, usually via a heated surface coming in direct contact with the herbs, while others use convection heat by means of the heating element, that is set apart from the actual mixture. While it doesn't come in contact with the herb, it heats air which then passes over the herbal mix heating it in the process. They tend to be more accurate as well as more controllable in bringing the mix to vaporization temperature. There is an enormous number of these on the market, each with its own unique design. Your task is to choose from the bunch the model that most appeals to your own sensibilities, for whatever strange idiosyncratic reason.

As a potential buyer of a Herbal Vaporizer you will be confronted by a number of big dilemmas that govern the efficiency of the unit you choose. How about taking a look at those points below, mulling them over in your head, and then resolving each in turn. We guarantee, if you follow this direction, you will surely arrive at the best Vaporizer on the market, at the most affordable price. Please give it a go, and see what decision you make. Below are the vital considerations you should be taking into account. Please ask the following questions.

  1. Do Vaporizers all work in the same way?
  2. There are many designs; are they all safe?
  3. What is the best vaporizer in Australia?
  4. What if your Herbal Vaporizer is faulty?
  5. What Vaporizing system works the best?
  6. Do Vaporizers waste all your your herbs?
  7. What price should I pay for good Vaporizer?

When confronted by a vast array of models, how do I choose which one to buy? First of all it will depend on your situation, and the application or purpose to which the unit will be put. As a general rule, the best units will provide extremely good results, providing you with first class vapour with little or no smoke. This is the name of the game. Ideally what you want is all vapour and no smoke, the primary point of the entire process. By now you will realise there are many styles and models of Herbal Vaporizer on the market now, all using various methods to heat the mix to vaporization temperatures required. Contact heat models are reliant upon the herbs coming in direct contact with some sort of heated surface. Unfortunately these more often than not involve combustion to some degree, because the temperature is hard to control with the required precision. As a rule we advise our customers to staywell away from them. They are not worth the money you pay for them. Other devices utilize hot or pre-heated air being drawn over the herbal mixture, generally through the agency of a hand piece; better known as a whip. They are referred to in the trade as hot box Vaporizers.The central thesis of vaporization is the temperature required; it really is ultimately the primary concept of the exercise; it's considerably less than the temperature needed for combustion. So any Herbal Vaporizer can function in a much lower range. For the vast majority of herbs this is around 170-190C. Generally speaking the hot box style Vaporizers are very effective with little or no waste. The up side is they provide a large amount of top quality pure vapour. As well as standard models there are now battery powered.

Portable Vaporizers, and some even smaller units known as Pen Vaporizers on the market. Not only do these Portable Vaporizers give great results, they have the added bonus of providing you the power and freedom to vaporize on the road, at all hours and anywhere your heart desires. This is certainly the ultimate in user friendly Herbal Vaporizer technology.


The safety of any Herbal Vaporizer you purchase is obviously important. We would strongly advise that you ensure the unit comes with International safety and quality certification (CE, ROHS, FCC). These symbols will advise the buyer the product adheres to all US, European and Australian safety and quality standards. Beware of any fake and Vaporizer copies; there continues to be many of these in the marketplace, so watch out for them. If you use these products, you could be breathing in dangerous chemicals and toxic fumes along with any vapour produced. These safety symbols are extremely important, so watch out for these and be aware of what you're buying. If you prefer to purchase your Herbal Vaporizer from a trusted provider who introduced those very first Herbal Vaporizers into Australia in 2006, you can not do any better than buy from Cheating the Hangman; for all of your Herbal Vaporizer and all Vaporizer Accessories requirements.