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....vaporizer 30% discount

WAS $139 NOW $105



  • 1 Piece Metal Box Vaporizer
  • 1 Glass Vaporizer Whip
  • 2 Packs Screens (10 pieces)
  • Remote Control Temp & Fan
  • Free Magnetic Alloy Grinder
  • 240 Volt Aussie Plugs
  • Precision Temperature Dial
  • Glass Essential Oil Burner
  • Ceramic Heating Element
  • Local Aussie Distribution
  • Fast Express Post Shipping
  • Full Local 6 Month Warranty







140 x 140 x 60mm



By Walter Warren

Since they first arrived on the scene, the speed at which the Herbal Vaporizers have proliferated has been nothing short of phenomenal; it occurred everywhere, and Australia is no exception. Along with rapid growth, the range of choices available to the consumer has concurrently multiplied. It is becoming really hard to differentiate between all those different models and systems available. It is a good problem to have I guess, but nonetheless the choice has to be made, and armed with some basic information the decision will become easier and also a lot less daunting. We hope to make the choice of what Herbal Vaporizers to buy a little easier for you, as well as make it one that will best suit your particular situation. When you do come to the point of making your buying decision, you should certainly take into account the very crucial list of questions below. Hopefully we have now made answering these easier.

Considering all the models available, which unit offers the best result, is the easiest to use and will offer me the longest Herbal Vaporizer user life into the future?

What is considered a reasonable outlay to secure the best value Herbal Vaporizers in Australia today?

What distinctive properties should I be looking for in the ideal Herbal Vaporizer purchase choice ?

How would one go about finding the most affordable Herbal Vaporizer for my precise lifestyle?

Everyone is different, and we all ask for different things when we make buying choices, but facts are facts, and an invaluable tool in any decision. We advise you run through the questions above, consider them carefully at your leisure, and we will assist in every way possible, bringing to bear our many years of experience to the situation. In this way we are confident your decision would be the right one for your individual circumstances. The questions above are crucial and the answers likewise. It is in your best interest to think about them carefully. Ok so you have found the Herbal Vaporizer that looks good. Does it come with a guarantee? Once you have outlaid the initial cost, what happens next? Will the Company stand by its products? Can it supply the additional parts or pieces that need to be replaced? All vaporizers are going to require the extra parts at some point, even if they are only metal screens? Glass can break, so can the organization provide them at a reasonable price? These are things that must be taken into account before buying. Let us imagine that a fault rears its head, or the Vaporizer stops working for whatever reason. Can you rely on the supplier to honour a warranty, or fix the problem in a reasonable time? Will you have to pay more money? For goodness sake ask these questions before you make a choice for your ultimate Herbal Vaporizer purchases.


Having been supplying Herbal Vaporizers since 2006, we are totally confident the hot box design represents the ultimate system for efficiency of any Herbal Vaporizer on the market. These units pull heated air over the mix, bringing it gradually to the vaporization temperature. It will not only provide a unique and completely safe vaporizing experience, but do so without wasting any of the valuable herbs in the process. So they are safe and effective, you can not ask any more from any Herbal Vaporizer. To make the specific choice from within that particular design system is a little more problematic, as any choice you make then really becomes a personal one. Within the design parameter of the best "hot box" Vaporizers, the heating element consists of a ceramic core which has the advantage of being non-toxic, meaning it produces no harmful by products or fumes. The best offer the ultimate in available Herbal Vaporizer technology.

There are a few fundamental points to consider; things that will make your choice a relatively easy one in the end. A temperature control mechanism is crucial; you need to be able to heat within a certain range, and you must be able to pin point a precise temperature setting within that range. All the herbs need different temperatures to vaporize and you need to be able to find them quickly and with precision. Without this important facility, the process becomes trial and error and guess work; this is not good enough. It is for this reason that the contact heat design Vaporizers fall well short, being very hard to find any temperature with any precision. They are referred to with some derision as soldering iron Vaporizers, and we consider them extremely poor value. As well they are very wasteful and inefficient. They produce lots more smoke than vapour; you may as well just throw your money away. Box vaporizers use a vapour delivery system referred to as a whip or "hand piece". You just place your herbs in the chamber and attach the device to the pre-heated element. As you inhale through the glass mouthpiece, the heated air is drawn over the element, and vapour produced is inhaled. The hot air from any Herbal Vaporizer passes over the herbs, vaporizing the alkaloids. The vapour produced is clean and the results are immediate and wonderful; they are very productive Vaporizers, with minimum waste and maximum assets compared to smoking. The whip consists of aPyrex section that connect to the heating element. You can control the vapour production by manipulating your breathing. The harder you suck the more the vapour output. This entire system is very productive, with little or no waste; an ideal outcome for any Herbal Vaporizer.